[english] Bologna, Saturday, April 28th: Nina Zilli Live + OGAE Italy International Convention

OGAE Italy, the italian Eurovision Song Contest fan club, is
organizing its first International Convention in concidence with the
live concert of Nina Zilli, the italian representative at the
Eurovision Song Contest in Baku.

Baku is too far away? Bologna is in the middle of Western Europe.
Reaching it can be done in a fast way from all of Italy, and in a
cheap way, with low cost flight and fast trains, from all of Europe.

At Estragon – Bologna Parco Nord

Our programme:
At 17.00 View and voting of the 42 preview videos of the 2012
Eurovision Song Contest
At 20.00 Dinner

L’Amore è Femmina Live

at the end of the concert, Mingo DJ does Eurovision – Estragon and
City Radio Fujiko Resident DJ meets the show which keeps Europe

Info and bookings:

+39 370 3048715


(a) only concert € 20.00

(b) concert + dinner (OGAE members) € 38,00 (not OGAE) € 45,00

(c) Package 2 concert tickets + 2 dinners + overnight stay in double
bungalow at the nearby Camping Città di Bologna: € 115,00 (OGAE
members) € 129,00 (not OGAE) .

(d) Package 1 concert ticket + 1 dinner + overnight stay in hotel at
Ramada hotel Bologna, double room used as a single € 83,00 (OGAE
members) € 99,00 (not OGAE). Attention: only 15 rooms are available.
[breakfast included, parking 5,00]

(e) Package 2 concert tickets + 2 dinners + overnight stay at Hotel
Ramada, double room: € 140,00 (OGAE members), € 149,00 (not OGAE) –
Only 15 rooms are available.
[breakfast included, parking 5,00]

ATTENTION! The special hotel and camping prices must be paid in full
within April 14th 2012.

In cooperation with Cooperativa Estragon – Bologna

Info and bookings

+39 370 3048715